Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Born to die,
Die to born,
But nothing comes along,
Still human sings the greed song.
Unity dies
Tensions rise
And war reaches its highs,
Still human always lies.
The world breaks apart,
People depart
And in the world of self-indulgence,
Every human plays his part.
As Corruption powers,
Diseases hovers,
And nature stops its heavenly showers,
Human looks for his best,
And doesn’t shy to stamp on the rest.
When was the time we stopped to care?
And started to scare?
When was the time humanity was strangled?
And the death knife started to dangle?
When was the time god’s own little heaven,
Became an enormous place with demons?
Be a human,
Not a coward,
Humanity again needs to be towered ….

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