Thursday, 18 June 2015


“Oh! Actually, that day my dolly didn’t even touch her plate! She was making those awful faces…I couldn’t stand that. I mean, it’s very important for her to have her meals at time. At last, I gave up and brought maggi noodles for her…that Rs.10 packet was for Rs.50! So costly! But children are always my priority…he...he…” said a caring mother who fed her daughter on lead and MSG just because little dolly wasn’t ready to have her lunch! Moral- ‘feeding your child on poison is much better than letting them skip a meal’… totally outrageous! And unfortunately, this incidence is true…some people just don’t they? They think maybe those people are morons who have put a ban on maggi noodles and it’s just like another hypocritical speech given by the politicians.
Who is being a moron here?

Narendra Modi, one of the most trending politicians, led a cleanliness campaign because of which some insane folks like me think twice before losing their grip to throw an ice-cream stick on the ground… but I also got the chance to meet some supremely ‘sane’ people who love comfortable life. Throwing a big cardboard box down a small public drain and throwing a packet of chips out of the car window are some examples of their overflowing sanity. I know, I don’t have the guts to speak up and make them a little insane like the rest of us but my mom knows the job just perfectly! 
Some time back, in a supermarket my mother was standing at the billing counter and an ill-fated lady was standing just in front of her relishing a vanilla ice-cream. As my mother predicted, she threw her tissue paper on the floor and then my bold woman spoke up… ‘People like you only make our country dirty and then say that all those cleanliness drives were just a piece of crap, pick that up now!’. After suffering from a shock she obediently picked up the tissue and threw it in the dustbin.
 I just hope that she must have got her own little epiphany moment after meeting my mother! 
Often I see those ads in the newspapers and T.V requesting people to pay house tax and income tax. Still these people who own black money excluding their high income don’t show up when it’s time to pay their taxes. Then these people also curse the government for increasing service tax and railway fare; their instant verdict will always be - “oh! That new government is good for nothing”… have they ever figured out where the government will get money from? They want free primary education and free libraries; don’t they understand that politicians don’t sponsor their money for the country?

Don’t eat Maggi noodles, don’t litter around, please pay your taxes on time and GO ON, BREAK SOME RULES (some only!) AND HAVE FUN! 

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