Monday, 6 July 2015


Are you self-actualized yet?
If not then better be, because almost everyone is well aware of their potentialities nowadays.
Some say they were born to dance,
Some say they were born to sing,
Some say they were born to act,

And some say they were born to take selfies….

Well today, we are going to have a closer look on this category of remarkably shocking people who took birth on planet earth with the objective of taking selfies.
These people who claim to be kings and queens of some imaginary selfie kingdom take their selfie through a strictly supervised refining process, have a look….
First, they click hundreds of selfies for half of the day
Then, they surf through these selfies in the photo gallery for about an hour or two
And, end up deleting 99 out of them…
Stare at that last photo for about half an hour and then finally decide to edit it out…
Upload that processed and purified selfie with fingers-crossed…
Keep checking for updates like an owl the whole night...
And after getting two likes and one comment, they heartily acknowledge those three people with philanthropic qualities ….
Think I am hyperbolizing? Not at all! This fact is so genuine that it can even be published in RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! 

POUT is the new innovation in this selfie era according to which you have to make an expression as if you just have gobbled up a stinking sock down your throat…
This technique is quite famous with some young ladies out there. Although, I am also a young lady but I really don’t enjoy posing in-front of the camera like this…
Now you can call this picture a bit hyperbolic! If you just reduce that piggy pout by a centimeter or two and bring those humongous eyes to a moderate level you’ll get the stinking sock pout….like this one, ditto!…
Now you can choose between the sock pout and the pig pout…completely up to you!
‘The invention of front faced camera and selfie stick has taken this self-ish craze to the next level’ I always thought. But, after I came across this site, I realized that I knew nothing about this craze so far…
Visit- 6 signs the selfie craze has gone too far and get ready to be shocked by the heights self-absorption and various new inventions which are promoting this nutty trend furthermore…..

Some days back, while surfing on the internet I found this news online which said that a Saudi teen recently clicked a selfie with his late grandfather on his death bed…despicable! Here’s the picture….
Where will we land with this worthless craze?
A time when we would find something as sorrowful as this funny? Looks like we have already reached that stage…
And it’s not about selfies! It’s about being self-obsessed all the time and not caring even an atom about what’s happening with others.

If we don’t take a control over this real soon, we are sure to land in a messier situation.

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  1. Nice one only I wondered if the title could have been SEFICTUALIZATION