Friday, 30 September 2016


Mr. Modi has once again proved himself…
People are focusing more on the ‘clean’ aspect for country’s overall development. Although, the number of concerned people is increasing but still these people have not been able to overpower the everlasting herd of morons who rule the country by making dirt everywhere.
A few days back, I went use the washroom in a mall. A lady was standing there with her small daughter (must be 5 or less). She asked her daughter to pee on the floor…I was knocked for six, I said abruptly “why don’t you ask her to sit on the commode!!??
She said showing off all her intelligence “oh you know…she will get dirty sitting on it…plus, it will go down the drain…so, don’t worry!”
“Oh yeah, she will get dirty but the floor won’t” I said to myself. I think that lady was in a misconception that her urine had floor cleaning capacity instead of ammonia!
There are other irrational beings who consider streets their washrooms as public toilets are too unhygienic for them.
And throwing the garbage in the roadside dustbin is never an option for these people as they feel very lazy when they have to cover some distance to throw the garbage, but astonishingly this laziness just flies away when they see the board of  70% sale outside a shop…its quite funny, but human nature always has been a mystery to humans themselves!
In India another outrageous belief exists that mess cleaners are filthy, and mess makers are so called ‘clean. These mess makers are made up of sanitizing agents which work 24/7. We make the mess and they clean our poop, our daily waste and still WE ARE THE ONE’S WHO ARE CALLED CLEAN AND ‘HUMANE’ IN THE SOCIETY.
By the way, you must have surely noticed some proud pet owners taking their dog on a strode down the road and happily making it poop anywhere it wants.
They say to their pet “honey, see you’re so lucky, your owner is stinking rich! He has brought the whole wide world for you to release your waste material in! Even bill gates doesn’t has a place like this!”.
I suppose taking a small poly bag and a dustpan while taking your pet for a nice walk neither will harm you nor your dog or its mistaken toilet.
While some have welcomed the winds of change with open hands, others are still not ready to break down their brick houses. Social conventions still exist and they are like that worm on the beautiful rose plant which is striving hard to growing up.
We have to together work to stop these wrong beliefs that live with us…don’t sit down doing nothing, living on the hope of reconstruction.

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