Monday, 15 May 2017


Every time I switch on the television and go through the newspaper I see these wondrously humorous and thought provoking advertisements.
They make me wonder each time about how very creative humans can be!
But hey! I am absolutely not saying that all of them are like this! Most of them are fake, unreal and super-useless.

One day while lazily surfing through the channels, I realized that almost every product advertisement that comes on television claims to be the #1 brand in India. It’s really confusing once you decide to choose your regular detergent powder or toothpaste on the basis of these fake commercials, you will never in your life come to a conclusion as to which brand is actually the better choice. Another fact about these fake advertisements which is actually hilarious once you think about it is that almost all of these are 99% germ free. They are never sure about that one naughty bacterium that manages to escape somehow.
One morning my eyes fell upon the toothpaste tube which claimed to give me 99% dazzling white what it actually meant to say is still a huge puzzle to me, maybe it meant that after using it there will only be 1% section somewhere between my 32 teeth where the yellow plaque will accumulate!
So, moral of the story is that if you want to claim something and also ensure that the customers don’t start dancing on your head then put the 99% tag which always serves as the cake walk to quick escape!

These folks also love to give their customers time-bound challenges “1-day slimming course”, “two-week challenge” are some of the famous lines. Well if such a thing would really be there then half of us wouldn’t have been going for a daily struggle on the treadmill. And Miss. Earth wouldn't be worried about her increasing weight which is mainly because she contains homosapien society with constantly accelerating obesity problem.
List of these ugly facts about advertisements doesn't end here....well, I'm off to search for that 1% non-dazzling-white-section in my teeth.

Till then keep smiling and pondering but only 99%!

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